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Immersive education

During the experience, we want to introduce students to one of the most discussed years in the history of Lithuania, 1944-1953, the years of occupation, deportations and partisan uprising. Using the latest VR technologies, students will experience for themselves how difficult it is to navigate in the dark at night. How important it is for the partisans to hide the bunker well and what life was like underground.

Discover together

In virtual space, as one team, they will have to complete tasks to unravel the secrets of guerrilla life. Participants will learn how important it is to fight for Lithuania's freedom and that it is the most important thing of all. During the virtual education, we want students to feel the role of partisans, hear partisans' stories about their importance to Lithuania, see the life of these people hiding in bunkers and try not to get caught by the occupiers themselves. 

Reserve in Vilnius

  • Minimali kaina 60 eurų

    30 min.

    8.5 eur dalyviui
  • Minimali kaina 120 eurų

    1 val.

    8.5 eur dalyviui
  • Minimali kaina 240 eurų

    2 val.

    8.5 eur dalyviui

For teachers

Bring your class to a unique lesson in a virtual reality arena! Let the students feel for themselves what it meant to be a Partisan! And pay for everything with the "Culture Passport". You can find more information by clicking on the link below.


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