Start your own VR ARENA Today!

Watch this video to see how anyone can setup a virtual reality arena in less than an hour! 

4 vs 4 shooter at ARENA scale!

Transform any basketball, tennis court, warehouse into a virtual reality arena!

Game we developed takes advantage of large scale locations like basketball, tennis courts. Free movement at this scale creates dynamic gameplay and makes the experience super immersive!

Game is round based. To win a round kill the opposing team players, but you need to do it quick, because if one of them is alive, the other will respawn in 15 seconds!

- 4 vs 4 (possible to play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 2, etc)
- 7 map sizes: 9x9 m; 11x9m; 14x8 m; 20x15 m; 22x15 m; 25x16 m; 32x8 m.

- 7 unique guns

- 16 unique masks

- Scoreboard

- Free look spectator 

- Unlimited ammo mode

- New content added monthly 

Required equipment

Here is the equipment you will need to get started


1 Windows or Mac Computer/Laptop

WiFi Router

1 WiFi router connected
to the Internet


Steps to setup your VR ARENA

5 easy steps to and you have your own VR ARENA running!

Download Software

Find the link below and download the VR ARENA files. It's free!

Upload it to Oculus Quest

Sideload the VRARENA.apk to your Oculus Quest using Sidequest. Click to see how.

Run server on your computer

Open VRARENA.exe and enter username and password received via email

Connect with Oculus Quest

When server is running, start VR ARENA on your Oculus Quest and Press B

Start a match and enjoy!

When all players connected hit N on the keyboard to start a match. Enjoy!

Your VR ARENA starts here!


Try out VR ARENA for free and when you're ready to use it for commercial purposes contact us for an hourly rate agreement or a fixed fee subscription!


Download and try it for FREE!

 You can download and have it running in an hour! Give it a try, it's completely free!

VR ARENA in action!

Frequently asked questions

Does it work on a Mac?

Yes, after purchasing you will receive a server build for Windows and Mac

How to install the game to Oculus Quest?

1. Download "SideQuest"
2. Upload VR-ARENA.apk to your Oculus Quest

Is there a minute limit for hosting VR ARENA?

It's unlimited! Host a server and play as much as you want for the subscription period you purchased.

What are the computer requirements to run VR ARENA?

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent. CPU: Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 equivalent. RAM: 4 GB or more. USB Port: 1x USB 2.0 or better port. Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10.

Do I need a WiFi router to run VR ARENA?

Yes, Oculus Quest headsets will communicate to the server running on your PC via WiFi.

Do I need internet connection to run VR ARENA?

Internet connection is needed to validate product code when starting the server on your PC only.

Do I need to buy 4 subscriptions to run 2 vs 2 VR ARENA?

No, one subscription is all you need.

Help! I can't connect to my server?

1. Make sure your computer and Oculus is connected to the same Wi-Fi
2. Make sure your computer and Oculus running the same game version
3. Forward ports in your router for Unreal Engine: 4. Disable Windows Defender or any Antivirus program

Do I need to have my own equipment?

Yes, you will need a PC/Mac for game server, 2 - 4 Oculus Quest 64 GB and a Wi-Fi router.

What are the economics of starting a VR ARENA?

We operate multiple VR ARENA's in Lithuania and these are the economics we're getting:

4 x 450 (Oculus Quest) = 1800 EUR 1 x 500 (Laptop) = 500 EUR 1 x 50 (WiFi stop) = 50 EUR = 2350 EUR MONTHLY EXPENSES: Franchise fee = 500 Location rent = from 500 to 1500 EUR (average 1000 EUR) Employee salary = 70 * 10 = 700 EUR = 2,200 EUR
VARIABLES: Booked time: 70 hours per month 1 Hour playtime cost: 80 EUR Employee hourly wage: 10 EUR
RESULTS: Monthly Revenue: 70 * 80 = 5600 EUR Monthly cost: 2200 EUR Monthly profit before tax: 3150 EUR Monthly profit after tax: 3150 - 20% = 2520 EUR = MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT REPAID IN A MONTH!

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